Nine ways to embrace the Cape Malay culture


South Africa, and Cape Town in particular, is a place where different cultures coexist like nowhere else in the world. Among the many cultures and communities forming the “Rainbow Nation” is the Cape Malay community, of which members are sometimes also called Cape Muslims.

The Cape Malays are essentially residents of Cape Town and its suburbs. The term “Cape Malay” comes from the fact that the Dutch settlers sent thousands of labourers, slave...

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Discover the Cape Winelands during the harvest season!


Wine’s roots in South Africa can be traced to the 17th century, when Jan van Riebeeck arrived at the Cape in 1652 and recommended to the Dutch East India Company that the Cape would serve as a useful victalling station for the ships on their passage to the East. Thus, in 1655 a shipment of grape vine cuttings (mainly from France) arrived in Table Bay and soon after the first vineyards were planted. In 1659, the first wine was made by Jan van Riebeeck himself but it was...

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Top 10 things to do in Cape Town


European summer is ending and you know what that means, it’s not long before the warm chiling weather is around the corner in Cape Town! If you’re still searching for a destination for your holiday season get-away, look no further: Cape Town is the city you definitely need to visit! Floating on two oceans and secured by mountain chains, there is no wonder the setting has everything to feed your wanderlust and give you some warmth – since it’s located i...

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5 Reasons Why South Africa should be your next destination


Take a look at our lovely beaches!

You’re not about to see similar beaches anywhere else in the world. In Cape Town for instance, the beaches are covered by white sands and boulders, making most beaches picture-perfect. If you want a more unique scenery, take a roadtrip down the 300km Garden Route where you’ll be surrounded by mountains on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other. Temperatures are mild all year round. The area actually has the second...

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Our guide Line For water usage

Dear African Eaglers,

As of last months, Cape Town has implemented level 5 water restrictions as a result of not enough water being saved. We, African Eagle would like to warn you for this upcoming water crisis when you come and visit our beautiful country. In order to help the community and prevent the consequences, that you can see on the site provided by News24* being made by stating the water crisis as one of our main priorities and save as much as we c...

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African Eagle A Green Company


In African Eagle Day Tours, environment and energy consumption have been one of our main focus for more than five years. And those, far beyond its regulatory obligations.
We believe that turning into a green company is essential in order to limit our impact on the environment for the coming years. 

A green company considers in its development strategy, issues related to the environment, but also those related to the social, human rights, corpor...

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Saint Patrick's Day

Celebrated by the Irish from all over the world, from Dublin to New York, St. Patrick's Day is one of the most important festivals in Ireland. Before talking about the events planned in Cape Town, let’s trace the history of this festival and its origins.

Saint Patrick, known as the “Apostle of Ireland”, once explained the concept of the Holy Trinity to the Irish in a sermon at the Rock of Cashel using a clover. Therefore, this has become the symbol of Ireland (...

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PART 1 - Life Of Michael Baker

My name is Michael Baker. I was born in District Six in the 60’s and have been living in Cape Town ever since. Having lived here all my life, I had come to take so much for granted. It is only when I started to work in the tourism industry that my appreciation for this truly amazing city was realized.

Living in the constant presence of Table Mountain, having fun at our amazing beaches and just being in the space that is Cape Town and its diverse communities almost numbed me to...

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PART 2 - Life Of Michael Baker


Cape Town, my home for fifty years, some describe it as Europe in Africa. This might be true because at various stages in our history we were colonized by the Dutch and then the English. The French also rocked up on our shores as religious exiles. 

So yes, the European influence is evident, and continues to be so. We are however a multicultural city created by the migration of people from the north east and west, slaves brought in by the Dutch, arrivals from Eu...

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Meet The Team - Claudine

Claudine Nyirasafari, AKA Clouds, originally from Rwanda, Kigali, is a funny, energetic, full of life woman ! She works in our Accounting department and we are GLAD to count her among our African Eaglers.

“Bless are those who laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amazed” her favourite quotation, it says a lot on what’s following.

We all have an ideal place we would like to visit, live…She doesn’t. The world is her playground. S...

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