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In Gandhi's Footstep Half Day Tour

Departure from your hotel or guesthouse in the Johannesburg area.

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Depart: 08:30 – 09:00                    Depart: 13:00     
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Gandhi arrived in 1893 to work as a legal representative for the indian immigrants, he became a leader of the struggle against segregation before leaving for India to fulfill his destiny. This journey truly gives you an insight into the philosophy of Gandhi and the legacy of his life in Johannesburg.

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  • Gandhi’s House
  • The Troyville House
  • Africa Museum

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Detailed Itinerary                              

  • Hamid Mosque
    This is a mosque build for the Johannesburg muslims from Sultan Abdulhamid II. He served as the Imam of Quwatul Islam Masjid in Rander and was well renowned for his beautiful recitation of the Quran-e-Kareem.
  • Indian Crematorium
    Gandhi played a role in the building of the first Hindu crematorium in Johannesburg, and the first in Africa. In 1908 Gandhi was approached to help find a suitable plot for a crematorium.Finally, after Gandhi had left the country, the wood-burning crematorium was built in 1918, and it still stands, although a brick gas-fired crematorium was built in 1956, which is still used.
  • Gandhi’s House
    This house was from 1908 to 1909, the home of Mohandas Gandhi. Within these walls, the future Mahatma has developed his philosophy of passive resistance: Satyagraha in Sanskrit. The house was built in 1907, by a close friend and companion of Gandhi, the German architect Hermann Kallenbach and now brought back to life.
  • The Troyville House
    Bed and Breakfast Hotel and its restaurant is known as one of the best places to eat in Johannesburg.
  • Satyagraha Guest House
    One hundred years ago, Mohandas Gandhi lived in this house in Johannesburg. Today, the Satyagraha House is both a museum and a guest house. A unique way to immerse yourself in the privacy of a man and the history of a country. The name comes from his philosophy of passive resistance: Satyagraha in Sanskrit.
  • Africa Museum
    Museum Africa is an historical museum in Johannesburg and was established in 1933. It is housed in the city's former fruit and vegetable market in Newtown. The museum has collections of African material culture from across the continent. It also houses The Geology Museum and the Bensusan Museum of Photography.

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Departure from your hotel or guesthouse in the Johannesburg area.


  • registered tour guide
  • transport in an air-conditioned vehicle
  • entrance fee to the museum

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  • lunch
  • optional visits



    • General information and conditions of carriage prices, routes, places of interest, destinations, hotels and restaurants are subject to availability and to change
    • In case of non-presentation on the tours, full cancellation fees will apply.
    • You can cancel until 24 hours before your tours.  
    • Tour departure and arrival are approximate
    • German, French, Spanish as well as other foreign language guides are available on request
    • All tours are subject to minimum 2 of passengers
    • All our vehicles are insured substantially for passenger liability
    • Luggage and personal possessions are carried at your own risk
    • Please ensure that valuables and travel documents are kept safe at all time


  • Children under 12 benefit from a -50% discount

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